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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's All Gravy! (Twin update)

Monica had her 32 week check-up today. She'll actually be 32 weeks pregnant on Friday. Everything is gravy!!! That means GREAT! Everything looks stellar! In fact, I think I will shut up and let Monica finish the rest of this post. It'll be better coming from her anyway! Begin Monica typing:

Welp, another great doctor's appointment today! Woo-hoo!!! My doctor is so happy with how things are going and so are we!! I am going to make a later post about my PUPPS, but it seems to be mostly cleared up with the exception of my feet. They were the worst affected and they are so much better now than they were!! I am sleeping through the night again (finally) and that's without any Vistaril! Praise God!!!

But about the doctors appointment...

The tech came in and took my blood pressure (which is great) and dopplered the boys heart rates. Dopplering their heart rates is always so exciting to me! I love to hear their little hearts pumping away and working exactly how they should! They are such little miracles! This time it proved not only to be exciting... but humorous also! :)

So she puts the gel on my belly and asks where they usually find the heartbeats.... she proceeds to put the wand on my belly and move it around.... and baby B would not stop kicking the wand!!! She was laughing so hard and thought it was the most adorable thing! When she finally got ahold of his heart rate he made a big flip and she lost it! She commented, "Well I think this one may be your stubborn one! He doesn't want to let me get his heart rate!" Oh B.... :) It took her quite a while to finally get it. I told her he was the slightly bigger twin and she laughed saying, "He may be a little bully!" When she moved over to baby A she immediately got his heart rate. She then proceeded to say, "See A is your little angel!" It was so funny to see them moving like crazy while she tried to get good heart rates!

My doctor had originally told me by this particular appointment we would schedule a c-section date so we would have the OR reserved. I brought it up and she told me that because we are doing so great she doesn't see any reason to set a date. She said she is pretty much treating me like a singleton pregnancy because of how easy and smooth everything is going. We have an ultrasound and fetal monitoring on Monday. She said as long as they are both still head down we will continue to play things by ear and will probably be looking at a regular delivery! Yay!! The chances of them flipping is pretty much zero to none because of how cramped they are getting. At our last ultrasound they were both head down and we have good reason to believe they still are. This is because of the types of movements I am feeling up high (like little feetsies) and the fact that I haven't noticed a "flip". I can't believe how close we are to meeting them!! It is the most exciting thing! I just praise the Lord and thank him for such a smooth and healthy twin pregnancy! We are certainly blessed!


On a side note (this is Jeremy now) this evening Monica was laying on her right side, meaning her left side and Baby A were up. Baby A was having a hay day in there kicking, punching, squirming like crazy. He started to slow down a little and I wanted to see if I could hear his heart beat. Really I just had the urge to lay my head on Monica's belly. As soon as I did he started moving like crazy! His little arms and legs were moving all over! It was so neat! I will let him punching and kicking me in the head pass.... for now, lol. When I lifted my head up, he chilled out. When I did it again, he started back in wiggling like crazy. I don't know if my fat head was squashing him (I barely had it pressed against her tummy) or he could tell something was there and was "feeling it out." Either way it was awesome and never ceases to amaze me! That's all for now I guess! We have our multiples class Thursday evening and I hope to get a lot done on the nursery Thursday, so be looking for a Friday post with a nursery update and multiples class update!


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