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Monday, February 18, 2013

Belly Pics: 30 Weeks

We're officially 30 weeks! It's flying by here in the Parks household! It's been a little crazy around here as I believe I've mentioned, so I apologize for the late post with the updated belly pics.

All of Monica's check-ups have been going great! Her next one is at 32 weeks. We go for ultrasound and fetal monitoring 2 weeks from today. It's always exciting to see our boys! they have been doing a lot of moving lately too! Hopefully we'll have the chance to video some of it one of these days and post that. It is fascinating to feel them move through Monica's stomach! I know I posted once about feeling Baby B's foot an pushing gently against it and him pushing back. I've gotten to do that a couple more times since then! It's the most awesome thing ever! His foot still feels so tiny!

We also found out that Monica has type O- blood. She had to get a rhogam shot on Friday. My poor wifey evidentally is having an allergic reaction to the shot. She has tiny red, very itchy bumps that started on her feet and have spread all up her legs and to her hands and arms. She took some Benadryl last night per doctor's orders. I'm really hoping that does the trick. So if Monica's hands look a little puffy or red, that's why. I guess that's enough of an update for now. Here's the pics!

                               Baseline                                                                     30 Weeks

                                                                          28 Weeks

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