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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday: Clouds & CF

Wait CF?! Is he nuts? Why did he put CF in there as something he's Thankful for? Well, I'll get to that. Right now it's time to open up our Thankful Thursday by asking you to think about all the wonderful things you have to be thankful for! Some days may be harder than others to be thankful, but there is always something. Today, believe it or not was one of those days for me. Here we go folks, Thankful Thursday!

Jeremy's List:

Today was a rough day. It seemed like all my chips were down. Not the whole day, but the majority of it. The day actually started off awesome! I was off today, but Monica had to work. I got up early with her and we ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast with each other. After I slept a little more (it was my day off ya know) I finished up some stuff that needed to be done for church, and it all went really smooth and I was done around 11am! Can you say Suuweeet! I had the whole rest of the day to get other stuff done and relax. Or so I thought. Haha!

See about a week or so ago, the fridge in our kitchen started to kind of go out. It's not keeping things cold. It's set to be at 36 degrees F, and is usually above 50 degrees F, which doesn't work for storing milk, or any food for that matter. No biggie, we have a fridge in the basement that Monica's grandma gave us for her to use for her cakes. We had been keeping our milk and other perishables in it. I noticed 2 nights ago that when I went to get milk, it had a nice 1 inch thick layer of nastiness on the top of it, lol! No bueno!So it was obvious that it was beginning to fail too. My goal for the day was to find a fridge! We had bought the one in the kitchen from a store that takes several new, damaged fridges and makes one whole new one and sells them cheaper. It's only been 3 years and has been nothing but problems for us. I spent about 4 hours driving all over St. Louis pricing and looking at fridges. Anyway, Let's cut this short so I can get to the thankful part of this story shall we?

Half way through the day my "Check Engine" light came on and I noticed my oil pressure gauge was tanking. I just changed the oil last month, and could smell the oil burning as I was driving. Monica's car has been going through a quart of oil every 2-3 weeks. And I had absolutely no luck finding a fridge that wouldn't cost us at least $1,000. On my way home today, all these things were going through my mind and I was beginning to stress. Wondering how we were going to afford to buy a fridge, fix both cars, put new tires on her car (which it desperately needs) and continue to save for IVF and hopes of a baby. I had gotten just plum aggravated. I was driving down the highway almost to our exit, in my stink of a mood, when a cloud caught my eye. It sounds silly, I know, but it was beautiful. It was one of the big fluffy, cotton candy looking ones. The sun was lighting up all the puffs, and it was just beautiful!

At that moment, I realized how thankful I was, and blessed I am, to be alive. If there's anything CF has taught me, it is to be thankful for every day. CF has taught me a lot of things. Hopefully some day I'll sit down and write some of them out. I realized that I had not been thankful for this day and had let my worries and frustrations get the best of me. I realize that CF did not actually teach me to be thankful for every day, that was God. CF was just the mechanism he used to get through this thick skull of mine. God has always provided for every need of ours and given us many wants along the way too. I don't know why I even worry sometimes. :)

So what's the point to this whole drawn out story? I'm thankful for God's reminders. Reminders that He will throw your way every now and again to remind you of all the many many things I have been blessed with. A beautiful, loving wife, the woman of my dreams. A beautiful home that I can call mine, or ours rather. An awesome supportive family, a job, and good health, all things considering. I guess this post should be addressed to God. Thank you Lord, for the little reminders in life that you throw my way.

Kind of a heavy sobering post I know. It's what I was thankful for today. SO! On a brighter note, what are you thankful for? It's there.... you may have to dig a little deep some days, but you'll find it! Just keep looking!


  1. Nice post Jeremy! Exactly sometimes we just need to step back and look at life and say hey its not that bad. We both have wonderful things going on in our life....beautiful wife, family, jobs, healthcare, a house, etc.

    Today I didn't do a post but I am thankful that we are getting closer each day to meeting our miracle Alayna. I made a post on our 31 week status. In there is a video that I invite you to check out!

  2. Exactly John! NO matter how bad it is.... it could always be worse. :)Working in a hospital will teach you that fast. That is so awesome about you guys' pregnancy! It's getting really close to Alayna's big debut! lol! Glad everything is going good!

  3. My oldest daughters have several chronic health issues. One day I was whining/complaining to God about it and generally feeling sorry for myself/them. He told me that if I only knew what He was going to use them for, I would count it as one of our greatest blessings. I've been holding onto that. He's never lied to to me yet :)

    1. Amen to that Jennifer! That one thing God is terrible at.... lying! He's so bad at it He never does it! :) CF has been a blessing as crazy as it sounds. I wouldn't be the man I am today without it. Having CF has, among other things, brought me so much closer to God and made me so much more appreciative of everything in life! I'll be praying for your girls!